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The Beginning

Founded with a vision to empower businesses through innovative technology, LiveCX has grown from a small team of passionate IT enthusiasts into a formidable force in the tech industry. Throughout our journey, we’ve reached significant milestones, expanding our services, and achieving notable successes that underscore our commitment to excellence. As we’ve evolved, so has our impact on our clients, significantly enhancing their operational efficiency and technological capabilities across various industries. Our continuous adaptation to the rapidly changing technological landscape ensures that our solutions remain cutting-edge, perfectly aligned with our clients’ evolving needs.

Today, LiveCX stands as a leader in providing innovative Managed Services solutions. We are deeply committed to driving business success through advanced technology, remaining true to our founding vision of empowering businesses. Our journey has been marked by a relentless focus on innovation, security, and reliability, making us a trusted partner for all your technology needs.

Our Mission

At LiveCX, our mission is to empower businesses to excel through innovative, secure, and scalable IT solutions. We are committed to transforming technology from a hurdle into a robust asset, seamlessly integrated into our clients’ operations. Our approach is to tailor these solutions to each client’s unique business objectives, ensuring that technology not only supports but also propels their success forward. Our goal is simple yet profound: to make technology a key contributor to the thriving of every client we serve.

Our Vision

LiveCX envisions a future where businesses of all sizes and industries harness the full power of technology for unparalleled success. We aim to be at the vanguard of digital transformation, driving innovation and embracing emerging technologies. Our commitment is to provide cutting-edge solutions that enable our clients to not only adapt but also lead in the dynamic, ever-evolving digital era.

By fostering creative problem-solving and being a catalyst for technological advancement, we aspire to help businesses flourish in a connected, tech-driven world. Our vision is to create a future where technology is a key enabler for growth and success across all sectors.


Choosing LiveCX means partnering with an industry trailblazer in Managed Services, renowned for our unwavering commitment to excellence. Our proven track record sets us apart, showcasing a wealth of experience and innovative solutions in the MSP sector. What truly distinguishes us is our client-centric approach: your business goals are at the heart of our mission. We prioritize reliability, forward-thinking solutions, and a dedicated focus on your unique needs, continually refining our services based on client feedback and insights.

By choosing LiveCX, you’re opting for a reliable ally that empowers your business with cutting-edge technology, robust security, and scalable IT solutions. Experience LiveCX as your trusted partner and thrive in the digital age with unparalleled expertise and a steadfast commitment to your success.

Our Core Values

Our culture is uniquely defined by four key attributes that differentiate us from our competition.

Passionate Interaction

We bring a deep passion to our work and a commitment to our clients' success. Our team's enthusiasm is evident in every interaction, ensuring that we provide not just services, but dedicated and high-quality solutions that truly resonate with our clients' needs.

Respectful Partnership

We place immense value on treating our clients with respect, viewing them as vital partners. This approach is foundational to building trust and establishing long-term relationships.

Empowered Ownership

Our team is encouraged to take full ownership of their roles, especially in client interactions. This means being proactive, creatively solving problems, and standing accountable for results.

Unified Collaboration

At LiveCX, we pride ourselves on our ability to work as a unified team. This cohesion is crucial in delivering consistent and coherent services to our clients.

A team enriched by years of extensive expertise

At LiveCX, our team’s years of extensive expertise are the cornerstone of our success. Each member brings a wealth of IT and customer service knowledge, shaped by diverse experiences. This expertise allows us to address complex IT challenges effectively and deliver innovative, client-focused solutions. Our combined skills and insights empower us to exceed client expectations and solidify our position as a leader in the MSP sector. It’s this depth of experience and commitment to excellence that truly sets LiveCX apart as a trusted technology partner.

Transform your business journey with LiveCX today

LiveCX stands as a beacon of innovation and excellence in the Managed Services industry. Our journey, marked by a commitment to client success and technological leadership, positions us uniquely to address your evolving IT needs. By choosing LiveCX, you are not just selecting a Managed Service Provider; you are embracing a partnership that prioritises your business’s growth and success in the digital era.

We invite you to join us in this journey of digital transformation and unparalleled service. Reach out to LiveCX today to explore how our expertise and client-focused solutions can propel your business forward.

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